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One of the most “showy” native plant climbers that bursts into beautiful white, starry flowers in spring that is often visible for miles. Puawananga flower is believed to be an indicator of whether summer will be early or late.

Puawananga can be grown in the garden, but it does have some specific requirements; in the wild, it will naturally root in the cooler temperatures of the forest floor, the root system of a Puawānanga needs to be cool and shaded.

If other plants can’t be used as shade, you can try using a thick mulch or even a physical barrier of bits of wood or old pots; anything to keep it cool, moist, and in the shade.

The ideal spot is to plant it amongst shrubs in a light, airy soil, and have somewhere for it to climb, like along your fence, or up an established tree. It won’t tolerate water-logged roots.



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