Providing Solutions for

food sovereignty


Maori Whanau

We are a Maori whanau (family) that practices our ancestors traditional knowledge, innovations and practises as heritage food seed and medicine farmers.

We're a firm believer that if we reclaim our rights to our lands and agency in the food system, not only do we eat better food but we also create a better world. Ancestral nutrition teaches us that we thrive from a diet plenty of fruits, seeds, and vegetables grown organically from rich soil. Yet, unsustainable farming practices have weakened that connection to the natural. Today, indigenous communities continue to be marginalized and fight for our collective rights to our lands. My hope is through my work and the work of Awatea Organics, we bring a connecting solution. We help you lead healthier lifestyles that are deeply connected to nature and at the same time empowers and improves the lives of our indigenous people.

We believe in supporting food sovereignty through supporting Maori to grow their ancestral foods, and to revive our culture around kai.

In 2018 we began establishing the maara at Te Rewarewa papakainga. The initiative is to reconnect whanau to the land, provide healthy kai and explore how maara can support
traditional livelihoods.

Over that time we have increased indigenous biodiversity, brought back pollinators and established over six varieties of Maori potatoes, three varieties of kumara, three varieties of puha, kokihi (native spinach), niho hoiho (white maize), hue, and kamokamo which joins our full collection of 50 native plant varieties.