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Grow With Awatea

Empowering people through food & life on land

i mean, who doesn't want more connection and time in their life?

Come with me on a journey into your garden where you will discover how you can grow native vegetables.

Even if you know some info already you will be surprised by what you learn! And if you are brand new to growing food, this is the perfect start to your adventures! Start reading now!

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Cultivating a love for learning, through nature

Join the community of conscious individuals who strive for a sustainable future. Awatea Organics offers a diverse range of natural and organic ebooks for anyone who wants to learn more about living in harmony with nature. Choose from a variety of topics, from gardening to cooking, and start making a difference in your life.


We’ve designed a Maramataka/Moon Calendar as a guide for fellow growers to plan their own garden or farm. It outlines harvesting times for plants and plant parts based on the different moon phases that affect plant growth.


It was also designed to give a sense of the overall flow of birth, growth, bloom, fruit, and seed that the year follows and how you can integrate yourself and your medicine making in this powerful, magical cycle.

This is available for purchase, and you’ll receive a digital copy that is beautiful and high-definition along with a comprehensive explanation.

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Harvet Calendar

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