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Indigenous Family Farming Consultancy

Indigenous family farming consultancy is about research and innovation. Our farm is a research and training farm. We provide a Program of Activities (POA) that serves to define chapter goals, outline steps needed to meet those goals, and act as a written guide to provide a calendar of events.

We specialize in bringing back pollinators, increasing biodiversity, innovating for climate resilience, etc. that can help your farm.

We also have lists of our accomplishments that we are involved in that somehow may help you:

  • Cultural Environmental Monitoring Stocktake (2013)

  • Taumarere Te Awa o Nga Rangatira - Cultural Impact Assessment (2012)

  • Cultural Indicators for Healthy Kauri (2011)

  • Cultural Impact Assessment Guideline (2011)

  • He Wai Mate He Iwi Mate - Cultural Impact Assessment (2011)

  • Kauri Dieback Cultural Impact Assessment (2010)

  • Nga Tikanga Mo Te Taiao - Ngati Hine Environmental Management Plan (2008)

  • Notes on New Zealand mammals 6 Second report on the stomach contents of long-finned pilot whales, Globicephala melas (2007)

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