The Turning of the Moon

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Maramataka In History

Before colonisation, we were experiencing our agricultural revolution in Te Tai Tokerau and largely living peaceful lives. And we, Māori, have a natural genius for growing food, using Maramataka as guidance. 


The Maramataka is the lunar calendar of us Māori, which means “the turning of the moon.” 


Our tūpuna developed the maramataka based on their close relationship and understanding of our taiao. It connects the whenua, rangi, and moana. By closely observing the environment, those clever tūpuna were able to identify days each month that were better suited for particular activities and to help predict the season ahead.


The maramataka can tell us the best days for planting, fishing, and harvesting. It also tells us high and low energy days, the effect those days can have on people’s moods, and how you should best spend your day.

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the moon phase


Do people still use the lunar days today?

Fishing and planting food by the way of the moon, the tides, and the elements is still common today – the Maramataka still plays an important part in people’s lifestyle, especially for indigenous farming. 


Crop schedule depends on the lunar cycle, which influences most farming activities based on the nature of crops and inter-cultural practices needed.

We believe that the cycle of farming activities must coincide with the cycle of natural systems, especially cosmic cycles, for optimum production with minimum resource input. The primary concept of this belief is that the insect activities and dynamics alter with the lunar cycle.

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winter solstice

When midwinter is upon us, Tama nui te ra (the Sun) will begin his return north to his wife Hine-raumati, the Summer goddess who dwells on land and who is associated with the gathering of forest food, game and the growing of crops.


We’ve designed a Maramataka/Moon Calendar as a guide for fellow growers to plan their own garden or farm. It outlines harvesting times for plants and plant parts based on the different moon phases that affect plant growth.


It was also designed to give a sense of the overall flow of birth, growth, bloom, fruit, and seed that the year follows and how you can integrate yourself and your medicine making in this powerful, magical cycle.

This is available for purchase, and you’ll receive a digital copy that is beautiful and high-definition along with a comprehensive explanation.

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