Crystal Healing Water Bottle With Diffuser

Our crystal healing water bottle with a diffuser is an amazing healing tool. It integrates healing energy crystals into our bodies.

The crystal water bottle operates at the molecular and vibration level. Water is charging for energy. It has the power to promote and soothe our minds and feelings. 

Bottles of crystal water improve mental well-being. It generates a positive mood and a remarkable life.

It also has a positive effect on physical health. It promotes peace, supports healthy and radiant skin.

In short, crystal water bottles combine the benefits of water with the properties of crystals. This magical tandem creates an effective instrument for improving well-being.

DRINK WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY, EVERY DAY – Charge your favorite drink with the amazing power of healing crystals and tell energy vampires and bad juju to get lost. 

ECO FRIENDLY & HEALTHY - No harmful plastic or toxins. We use all-natural bamboo caps. They are all food-grade approved.

HIGH-QUALITY BOROSILICATE GLASS + CRYSTALS - Other crystal water bottles use thin, poorly made glass, frequently causing their bottom chambers to shatter and break.

To keep you safe and sipping strong, our travel water bottle is made with the highest grade materials with no harmful toxins like shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and all-natural bamboo caps. Plus, unlike some vendors who pass off-colored pieces of glass as “crystals,” we always use the real deal.

TAMANUI TE RA WHEEL DESIGN - Tamanui Te Ra is the personification of the sun. In the Maori language, it means "Great Son of the Sun".

We choose Tamanui Te Ra wheel design because it has been known to be connected with good health by cultures all over the world.

GIFT READY WITH BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING - Each bottle comes gift-ready stunning packaging plus the Tamanui Te Ra wheel design. Each glass, Bamboo lids, Tamanui Te Ra wheel print, and neoprene sleeve are tested to the highest standards.

They are all BPA approved making it the ultimate gift for yourself and your loved ones. Treat the wellness enthusiast in your life to all the positive healing effects of crystal infusion.

- Pickup: You can visit our farm or we could deliver if you're within Whangarei
- Delivery: There is a $7.50 delivery fee
- Payment: Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash

Let us know if you have any more questions or concerns. We would gladly help! :)

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