Donate to Awatea Organics Farm Today!

Indigenous and organic farming help protect our Mother Earth while feeding communities and preserving the knowledge of our tupuna for future generations.

Awatea Organics specializes in these farming practices, and we apply them not only on growing food but also on services that benefit many:

  • Indigenous Family Farming Consultancy
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Indigenous Landscape Restoration
  • Organic Heritage Food, Seed & Medicine Workshops

Indigenous and organic farming require more skills and resources. And with a donation, you give indigenous farmers easy access to them, so they can continue to grow organic heritage kai.

We gratefully accept donations of any kind to support our farm. You may donate farm tools, money, experience, or your time at Awatea Farm.

For any donation you want to provide. Please contact us at so we can assist you properly or you can also click the donate button below.

Your gift today will help us help more indigenous farmers and would mean a lot to them and the people that could benefit from this beautiful type of farming.

Thank you for visiting this page. We extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation. 

Noho ora Mai!