Kamokamo Seed

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Kamokamo is a staple traditional food source. It is a type of squash that is closely related to marrows, courgettes, and gourds.

Like a courgette or marrow, it has a mild nutty flavor that stands it apart from its blander relatives. It’s also very versatile. Try it pan-fried, as tempura, barbequed, boiled, roasted, add it to stir fry, mash it or make fritters, chips or even relish from it.

The young fruits are best eaten like courgettes, while the larger mature fruits are better cooked like marrow and are great roasted or boiled. The male flowers and vine tips can also be eaten. Boiled and mashed kamokamo makes nutritious, safe baby food. It is rich in potassium, zinc and dietary fiber and has high levels of fructose and glucose. Mature fruit can make a storage vessel and traditionally used to hold the pulp of ripe tutu berries.

The flesh itself is delicious. Mild in flavor, it has curious creamy-nutty undertones making it a very versatile vegetable. It has Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Fiber, Potassium, and Iron. 

- Available in Summer
- Organic, fresh, and pesticide-free

- $6 for 20 seeds

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