Kowiniwini Maori Potato Seed

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Kowiniwini are one of our most prized kai that we grow. It's such a privilege to work with such tasty nutritious heritage food. We learn more every season. And we love to inspire others to grow.
Kowiniwini are one of the most popular varieties of Maori potatoes.  The tubers of are very distinctive. The medium deep-set eyes are surrounded by bright yellow while the basic colour of the tubers is a deep purplish-red. The flesh is creamy-white and they are also known as ‘Kaupari’.
They take at least 3 months from planting to an early harvest. Plants left longer (4-5 months) will size up more and also have better skins for handling and storage.  Early harvested kowiniwini need to be consumed relatively quickly.
You can plant the seed tuber therefore from September or August onwards after the frosts.  We grow our kowiniwini all year around because of our growing climate and organic indigenous practices.
We have grown this seed for five generations, making them hardy and disease resistant?

Kowiniwini are very easy to prepare yet very delicious! Just boil and steam well to have a sweet, nutty flavor and smooth texture. Also, the skin is very tender so peeling is unnecessary. A very simple & hearty snack you can eat all year around with their great storage capacity.
$15 for 1kg organic indigenous hand raised with aroha