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Kumarahou is a traditional rongoa (medicine) that is still widely used today. Because of its undoubted value for lung conditions, particularly bronchitis. The flower head is crushed and mixed with a little water to produce a soapy lather.

  • Respiratory Tonic - Kumarahou has a high content of saponins which is the ‘slippery’ constituent that made it an ideal soap alternative in the gum fields. It is this same constituent that made it the first choice traditionally when an expectorant was needed to help with clearing the lungs in coughs, colds, bronchitis, or any other type of respiratory complaint that required the loosening of mucous to clear the lungs. Traditionally it was also used to treat tuberculosis and as a herb that was thought to strengthen and support the entire respiratory system.

  • Blood Purifier - Kumarahou has long been traditionally used as a depurative herb which means it helps support the body to eliminate accumulated waste products and toxins by improving the function of elimination channels such as the liver, kidneys, lymph, and bowel. Through this action, it may assist in a wide range of conditions that have come about from sluggish metabolism or simply less than ideal lifestyle choices over a period of time.

  • Skin Conditions – Kumarahou may often help improve a wide variety of skin complaints. This can be due to many skin conditions being a result of sluggish elimination channels in the body not clearing toxins effectively. Due to its blood purifying and cleansing properties as mentioned above, Kumarahou may help to improve and support the function of these channels.

  • Rheumatism and Gout - Traditionally used for both of these conditions with good success. Probably through a combination of its actions as a herb that helps with improving the elimination of toxins from the body and also as an anti-inflammatory.

  • Tonic Herb - The very name Tonic Herb suggests a herb that can be taken ongoing as a restorative and strengthener to the whole body. Kumarahou was traditionally used for this very purpose. While having a strong affinity with the respiratory system, it was thought that it has many other ways it works in the body which some have been mentioned above.

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