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The karamu is very important spiritually for Maori and is used in many ceremonies including traditional baptism. It's especially great medicine paired with kawakawa for kidney, bowel, menstruation and bladder infections.


Koromiko is a flowering plant that’s very popular with native butterflies and bees. Its white flowers can be up to 20 cm with splashes of purple or violet and are produced at the growing top for display above the rest of foliage.


Did you know this beautiful ornamental shrub Kumarahou was the first choice traditionally when an expectorant was needed to help with clearing the lungs?


The flowers of Karo are small and attract our little native bee... another day exploring the cultural indicators along the coast and soaking up the good energy of Mother Earth...


It’s particularly known for being a clear marker of the beginning of spring. We believe that when the kowhai flower blooms, koanga (spring) is coming and it’s the best time to plant kūmara (sweet potato). Other uses: kōwhai flowers to make yellow dye, tree bark to treat injuries, and kōwhai ashes to incorporate in ringworm treatments.



This "flower of learning" is the child of two stars, Rehua (Antares, the sign of summer) and Puanga (Rigel), the star of the harvest, time for planting for the season of plenty to come...

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