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Indigenous Cosmologies Climate Solutions

For hapu, iwi, industry, and government

Service Description

Indigenous cosmology is an ancient and diverse set of worldviews, values, and beliefs that vary from culture to culture. At its core, Indigenous cosmology views the land, the sky, and all living things as interconnected and interdependent, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between them. Indigenous climate cosmology is a term used to describe the Indigenous understanding of the environment and the importance of caring for and protecting it. Indigenous cultures maintain a deep connection to their ancestral lands, and many believe that the health of the environment is intrinsically connected to the well-being of their communities. As a result, Indigenous peoples often use traditional knowledge, practices, and ceremonies to protect and restore the environment, and to resist the impacts of climate change. Indigenous cosmology does not view the Earth as merely a physical place, but rather as a spiritual one. It acknowledges the existence of a spiritual force that connects all living things and the environment. This worldview considers the spiritual, social, and environmental aspects of life to be interconnected. It is a way of looking at the world that honors the spiritual and cultural values of Indigenous peoples, and it is a crucial part of understanding and responding to the climate crisis. These cosmologies provide an understanding of how to interact with and manage the environment in ways that are respectful and sustainable. Indigenous peoples have developed an intimate knowledge of their local ecology and the effects of climate change on their land and livelihoods. This knowledge has been passed down through generations, allowing Indigenous peoples to respond to environmental challenges in creative and adaptive ways. Indigenous cosmology is a vital tool for understanding the complex and interconnected relationships between humans, the land, and the climate. By understanding and respecting Indigenous cosmology, we can learn to better protect the environment, and create a more sustainable future for all. In this workshop, we will explore the various Indigenous climate cosmologies and how they shape the way Indigenous peoples interact with the environment. Topics of this workshop include: • Indigenous Traditions and Ecology: the Interbeing of Cosmology, Climate and Community • Cultural Indicators of Climate • The indigenous hydrological cycle Contact us with any enquiries

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