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pacific ocean cosmologies & life below water

As we come out of the rising of Puanga and Matariki period we can continue to be guided by the stars and the moon. Our divination and ceremony can enrich the welcoming of Te Koanga to come. Giving back to the ocean and environment is critical at this time. Our celestial beings helps us to weather forecast wind, rain, for planting, fishing and travel. A mix of astronomy, astrology, meteorology... the knowledge is ancient.

Nights of the moon, every cycle, regeneration etc is associated with rising stars. Studying the evening and morning, rising and setting stars, their position relative to clouds, colours of the sky etc tell us the climate to come... Stars are associated with seasons (takurua) and months (Pipiri) as they rise. Where stars rise and set are known amongs the Pacific as markers of islands & people and indicators of fish spawning or the budding of new plants or the sap withdrawing in the trees.

Below is a gallery of the slides we are preparing for a presentation on Ocean Biocultural Wellbeing under SDG Goal 14 Life Below Water. We consider the regional climatic process which drive local events and make suggestions on regional and local indicators under each atua realm, including Te Hurihanga Wai - the hydrological cycle, Te Whanau Puhi - the Wind Family, Hinemoana - Currents, and Hina/Rona - Gravitational Pull.

Reclaiming a stable earth in the way of the peoples of Te Moana nui a Kiwa is critical for the world. The ocean is a major contributor to climate stabilisation but marine biodiversity has already been severely impacted. In our presentation on Oceans for the Indigenous Peoples Major Group we will be sharing some of our shared Pacific worldviews related to the moana and of solutions for monitoring and management.

To see more check out our Awatea multi media library on our website and for updates on how this kaupapa develops subscribe here

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