Land Cress


Land cress have full of great nutritional value! These tender green leaves have peppery spinach kale like flavor when cooked and they can also be eaten raw in a salad and the yellow flowers are also edible.


Land Cress contains lots of vitamin A a powerful antioxidant, B’s vitamins for vitality and to prevent birth defect, vitamin C a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E for heart health, and vitamin K important for clotting.


It’s also a great source of iron for anemia and calcium for strong bones. It has twice the Vitamin A found in broccoli and 3 times that vitamin C found in oranges.

Land Cress.jpeg

If you are on a diet, these leaves are great for you. It is a mild diuretic that will truly help to get rid of excess water weight. There are hardly any carbs on it making it a wonderful weight-loss food.


It’s fat-free & cholesterol-free, making it important for cardiovascular health. It does not contain any sodium making it great for those on salt-restricted diets and contains lots of lutein which is important for preventing macular degeneration.