Te Mana o Te Wai

Expressing Water Cosmologies

Water Cosmologies

Began advising the Ministry for the Environment on cultural environmental monitoring in 2010, developing a stocktake and database of indigenous monitoring at the time and hosting the first cultural environmental monitoring wananga in the country. In 2011 we call on State of the Environment monitoring to include cultural environmental monitoring. This later came into force in the Environmental Reporting Act.

Maori values

We in Awatea incorporates Maori values in our services. We see water as essential to all life, akin to the blood (Earth mother) who supports all people, plants and wildlife. We strive to preserve the culture through sharing our knowledge tribal practices / identity in relation to rivers and particular waterways have a role in tribal creation stories. Through sharing water cosmologies and community based monitoring and information systems we hope to open the importance and beauty of Maori culture to all.

violation of indigenous peoples rights in suriname

In our commitment to supporting the bio cultural wellbeing of the Indigenous Peoples in Suriname, we support The Mulokot Foundation, VIDS, and Cultural Survival in calling the UN and its Member States to urge the government of Suriname to adopt recommendations and decisions that can be enforced, in order  to prevent continued violation of the human rights of Indigenous Peoples in Suriname.

Ngati Rehia

Developing a conceptual outline for the Te Runanga o Ngati Rehia’s water change plan, drawn from the Northland’s Proposed Regional Plan and the latest water quality data

Te Hurihanga Wai

The Hydrological Cycle

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The hydrological cycle is an expression of love between the heavens and earth, and each stage is a critical component. The Atua who control these elements are in charge of condensation, evaporation, collection and precipitation.