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turutu - the native blueberry

Turutu is also known as New Zealand blueberry, however it is not so palatable as the Turtle Island blueberry! It is a very attractive perennial flax like herb with bright blue berries.

The genus name, Dianella, comes from the name Diana, Roman goddess of the moon who was originally a woodland deity.

Turutu has whitish flowers that appear in late spring and are followed by blue-grey to purplish small berries in summer. The berries are eaten by birds, but their very bitter taste makes them inedible to humans.

Turutu is found widely in coastal and scrubland areas. It is a great addition to any plant out, growing up to half a metre tall and one meter wide.

The berries can also be used as a dye.

The leaves, however, have often been used by children. They fold a leaf into a tube and blow through to produce an ear splitting whistle.

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