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whiro - the new moon of hereturikoka

Today's new moon is a great time for reviewing our dreaming for the new year ahead. Winter has been cold and wet but the days are growing longer and warmer by the day.

We have fostered the soil and captured the rains to nourish the Spring plants which we will be putting down over the month. Planting for harvest succession of puha, ruruhou, kamokamo and peruperu, along with a multitude of flowers and non-native herbs and vegetables.

Hereturikoka, the third lunar month, is still related to Hine Takurua, the Goddess of Winter and therefore activities of the ocean and fish. In some warmer areas, signs of kumarahou and kowhai flowering are already appearing.

Wild foods of Haumietiketike available this month are, karamu, kawakawa, maire tawake, miro, poroporo, kareao and manono.

To support you indigenous wellbeing journey we have the following:

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